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About Cambelt Replacement

A cambelt (timing belt) is essentially used to transmit motion between the camshafts and the engine crank. Unlike clutches or gearboxes, cambelts naturally wear. Most manufacturers recommend the replacement time as 10 years of 100,000 miles, wherever one occurs first. However, this can depend completely on the make and model of your car, as well as your usage.

What does the cambelt do?

A cambelt manages the movement of the crankshaft. It also controls the timing between the pistons and engine valves, thus allowing gas to move out and fuel to move in. Most individuals are unaware of the need for a cambelt replacement and the implications of a failure.

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When should my cambelt be replaced?

It’s best to check your vehicle’s manufacturer handbook to know when your cambelt will need to be replaced. Particularly, before it breaks and causes a breakdown or can affect your car’s engine. Below are some example vehicle makes and models, and their corresponding recommended replacement timings.

  • Ford Fiesta/Ford Focus – 100,000 miles or 10 years
  • Peugeot 206 – 80,000 miles or 10 years
  • Citroën Xsara – 60,000 miles or 10 years
  • Renault Clio – 72,000 miles or 5 years
  • Toyota Avensis – 63,000 miles or 5 years
  • Fiat Punto – 63,000 miles
  • Honda Civic – 60,000 miles or 5 years
  • Volkswagen Golf – 4 years
  • Vauxhall Corsa/Vauxhall Astra/Vauxhall Vectra – 40,000 miles or 4 years.

Importance of replacing your cambelt (Timing Belts)

The above information shows how varied the timings are. So, it’s best if you come in and we can assess your vehicles cambelt to see how it’s fairing. A worn timing belt can cause severe engine damage if it is broken. On a general rule, if your vehicle is more than five years old, or has covered over 60,000 miles – it’s time to replace your timing belt.

Whilst your vehicle is on the road, it can subject the cambelt through a great deal of wear. The rubber can deteriorate through too much exposure to salt, grit, heat and ice. Though it’s one of the most important parts in your vehicle, it’s also one that won’t last forever. Timing belts may seem expensive on their own, however, not changing them can be even costlier.

R.B Autocare cambelt replacements

At R.B Autocare, we understand how important your vehicle is to you as well as how costly car repairs can be. So, we offer you affordable prices and great service so that you are able to take a little worry off your plate. Our technicians are fully trained in all things to do with car repair and servicing.

The engine is one of the most complex parts of a vehicle. There are various essential parts that are necessary for the vehicle to run whilst obliging with the legal requirements. We recommend that you ask for an assessment of your vehicles timing belt every two years or so, just to be on the safe side. During a tune up, we could provide a spark plug replacement and inspection, setting of the timing belt or chain, as well as a diagnostic assessment of engine parts, including the replacement of any filters in necessary.

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