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R.B Autocare offers customers with services that will get them back on the road. Our quality repairs ensure your safety and of those around you. We offer a range of car repair services, including clutch repair, timing belt replacements, diagnostic check, exhaust fitting, suspension repair, steering repair, car bulbs, and O2 sensor clean.

Car repair services we offer

Clutch Repairs

There are a few signs that can help you see if you need a new clutch to be fitted in. They are as follows:

  • If you are finding it difficult to change your gears
  • When changing gears, you can hear a grinding or rattling sound
  • When you rev the engine, but barely increase speed
  • If the engine revs fall or climb randomly
  • If you feel a slip in the clutch, which can cause a loss of acceleration or even a complete loss of drive

The cost of a replacement clutch can vary depending on how bad the problem is as well as the make and model of your vehicle. Our expert technicians will be able to help you figure out the problem and give you an honest estimate.

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Timing Belt Replacement

As one of the most crucial components of the engine, it’s imperative that it continues to work properly and efficiently. Our technicians can assess the need of a replacement by looking at the age and mileage of your vehicle. If it isn’t replaced when needed, it can cause quite a lot of damage to the engine. Most manufacturers recommend that a timing belt should be replaced every 40,000 to 60,000 miles.

Diagnostic Check

All modern cars contain computers that control and monitoring aspects. Including emission levels, windscreen wipers, and the engine temperature. If anything happens to this system, the computer produces error codes that can be read by the vehicle diagnostic equipment. When this happens, you might also be able to see a warning light on the dashboard.

Exhaust Fitting

Damage to your car exhaust systems can cause uncomfortable journeys through the noise, smoke and fuel consumption. Failure in the exhaust can also result in your car’s noise levels and CO2 emissions being higher than the legal requirements. If there is excessive smoke, loud engine noises, rattling or knocking sounds, visible holes or a dragging pipe – it’s time for you to get your exhaust checked. Our technicians can source replacement parts promptly. We will try to keep your prices as low as possible whilst still giving you a high standard service.

Suspension Repair

If your car is swaying due to sideways, handles poorly, or dips in the front whilst braking – it could be due to a faulty suspension. A fully functional suspension is vital to the car because it’s connected to the steering wheel, track rod ends and coil springs.

Car Bulbs

A failure with the bulbs in a car can compromise your safety as well as of those around you, including other road users and pedestrians. Our technicians will check your vehicle for any failed, loose or faulty bulbs. We’ll fix and upgrade your bulbs to your liking.

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